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New World Record
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I am currently on a project helping out a friend with renovating a BMW Motorcycle dealership that has been in his family since 1950. The dealership is the 1st BMW Motorcycle dealer in the US and has been at the same location for 65 years. Now take it a step further for coolness. Last August whilst in the middle of construction a red Tesla pulls into the driveway, a guy named Carl Reese gets out of the car and requests a white K1600GT which was buried all the way in the back of the inventory.  He said he would buy the bike wait for the bike to get ready. He also said he was going to ride the bike to break the world record from Los Angeles to New York City. Upon the bike being ready he came in that night and started out from the dealership to fulfill his destiny. The rest is history he ended up breaking the record by 4.5 hours and just another really cool story to add to the many others over the last 65 years.

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That's quite a feat, big congrazs to your friend. I admire people like that a lot. Are people routinely attempting to break that record or is it a rare thing?