Author Topic: The Emperor has no Clothes  (Read 700 times)

The Emperor has no Clothes
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Tuesday's DotA patch reads:

December 10, 2013 - Valve
- Skeleton King: Removed for pressing ceremonial reasons   

The word is DotA's next patch (expected to be tonight) will be huge.  The major items it will add the hero Legion Commande, bring ranked matchmaking to DotA, and introduce a new mode of play for Christmas called Wraith-Night and afterward result in Skeleton King getting a permanent makeover and known as the Wraith King.  There is a ton of other new content as well and you can read about it all here:

I found funny bug however, Skeleton King hasn't really been removed from the game.  If you go to the training missions -> Mid Lane Practice and take Viper you get matched up 1v1 with Skeleton King and you find he's there but short a few items:

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