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Fortress Forever (FREE!)
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The reason I am writing such a long and in depth review of this game is because it is unfortunately slowly dying. There are a couple (literally) full servers from about 3pm EST - 10 pm EST. There are probably about 5-10 competitive 4v4 pickup matches daily and marathons on weekends, so the competitive gamers are actually more avid than the general public. We only have about 20 competitive players left and 40 or so public players. As you can see, we are hard up for players, so I'm trying to spread the word in a desperate attempt to repopulate one of the best games in ever made. It is completely free, all you need to have is source SDK, and since you are mostly CS players you would already have that. Even if you think it *looks* and *sounds* stupid, do me a small favor and at least give it a try for yourself. I would be happy to show anyone and everyone how to play the game, 1 on 1 personal training on how to properly play classes and such. I may be kind of a cocky troll on CS, but I am a pretty nice and giving player on FF, so don't let my CS 'E-personality' stray you away from giving this a try. I ran my own server for quite awhile as well as hosted a training guild that showed newer players advanced techniques.

P.S. At the very least, this mod will give you a keen understanding on what EXACTLY bunny hopping is and EXACTLY how to do it correctly, so at the very least you could use it to enhance your CS sk1llz.
Most of you will probably not find any interest in this at all, as I have found over the years of discussion that most CS players dislike this style of game play, but here goes anyway.

I play this game competitively and currently in the top 5 overall players.

Fortress Forever (source) is a modified recreation of Team Fortress Classic (HL1) which is a modified recreation of Team Fortress (Quake 1).

Before you assume you know exactly what type of play this game offers because you have played Team Fortress 2, please disregard everything you know about that piece of garbage TF2. While these games are very minutely similar, Valve basically took everything remotely skillful out of Team Fortress and replaced it with uber noober friendly gameplay. Oh, and useless hats.

If you have ever played the original TF or TFC, you have an idea of what this game is already.

Fortress Forever is an extremely fast paced (way faster than gun game) class based capture the flag mod that utilizes teamwork above nearly any other game in order to win.

This game also remains different in the sense that it has hung onto the old school type of game play, before the military shooters dominated the industry. Quake style damage and movement system.

What makes Fortress Forever unique and more skillful than any other CTF out there today is the movement. I don't know about you, but when I play some of these newer CTF mods, I consider the gameplay quite dull. Trying to run into a base with 5 people defending the flag with absolutely no evasive maneuvers, and usually not even a speed advantage on them is just, well, stupid.


Your offense is broken down into 2 primary classes, combat medics and scouts.

The scouts [75 hp \ 50 arm ] offensive role is based on his ability to move like the human flash, but not just by running. Each class has grendes that are not activated by a weapon slot, so in other words you can prime (usually 2) different types of grenades (not at the same time of course, a primary and secondary) while still holding whatever weapon you choose. Scouts and Medics have concussion grenades, and the way they work in FF is with a little bit of a learning curve, you can propel yourself great distances at great speed using these. Freedom of movement, if you will. Add this concing aspect with the ability to bunnyhop (like CS 1.5 bhopping, but the speed is capped to a degree, so you can't go 500mph and maintain it like you once could) and complete air movement ability. Like in CS, if you move the mouse same direction as the direction you are strafing in, you can gain air control. UNLIKE in CS this does not slow you down at all, and you can also juke directions while in mid jump, or mid conc. So instead of these newer "Run, walk, or jump" only CTF games, you can see there are plenty of speed advantageous and evasive maneuvers to give you an upper edge, based on sheer skill, not load out and perks.

So your scout is a low health, minimal combat ability but super fast tweaker character that is pretty much only used for flag movement. Medics [ 90hp \ 100arm] are your class for taking down the defenses and/or distracting defensive players in order for the scouts to do their job. Medics have about 2.5-3x as much hp and armor as a scout does, with the ability to throw medpacks and a self regeneration ability. They are armed with a combat shotgun, super nailgun, as well as frag grenades alongside the concussion grenade. However, they are not *quite* as fast as the scout, but still the second fastest in the game.

'Ramp sliding' is another offensive technique. When you touch the flag ground after a conc it will slow you back down to max bunnyhopping speed. BUT if you hit a ramp while having a decent amount of forward momentum you can maintain that momentum.

There is also something called 'trimping' in the game. Basically, when you jump from a lower surface onto a higher surface, and then jump again you can 'double jump' except the height of the double jump is completely relevant to the speed you are going, so if you conc into a ramp (and there are a lot of those) followed by a jump, you can end up reaching heights of ohh, say, 50 feet probally. Purely dependant on angle of ramp and speed when you hit it.

These techniques are HIGHLY skillful, useful, and KEY to being a good offensive player.

You also have spies with the ability to disguise as the enemy team, Cloak to be nearly invisible while moving, and completely invisibly while holding still, and sabotage (take over) enemy Sentry Guns.


Defense is where team work is a little more important than offense. You have your Soldiers, Heavy Weapons Guys, Demoman, and Engineer for defense.

The soldier [100 hp \ 200 arm] is your basic all around well balanced defense class. He comes armed with a rocket launcher, a super shotgun, and frag grenades. The beauty of this class, and what makes it extremely fun is the fact that this isn't a Halo or Modern Warfare 1 shot 1 kill fast moving rockets RPG. This is your quake style rocket launcher that requires anywhere from 2-6 rockets to score a frag. Generally 2-4 to kill your offensive classes. Now, the funnest aspect of this class is the fact that when you hit an enemy near his feet, it pops them up in the air opening them up for either a mid-air rocket (Not as easy as it may sound), or to time where they are going to land and juggle them around with a few. What makes this class require a fair amount of skill is the fact that the rockets move quite slow (Probably a good bit slower than Quake 1 rockets) so you have to aim ahead of enemies and try to predict where they are GOING TO BE, not where they currently are. Add the ability to prime frag grenades while attempting to juggle medics around, and you have yourself a a solid but very fun and rewarding 'Choke Point' holder.

Next you have your Demoman [90hp \ 120 arm], the bread and butter of the defense. The demoman has a Grenade Launcher, a pipe launcher, and a single shotgun. He is armed with frag grenades and MIRV grenades. Mirv grenades make one big explosion, then scatter 4 regular sized grenades around. They are mainly used to cover the demomans spot when he dies or is going to be out of position. The demomans main role is to scatter pipes (up to 8 at once) around the flag and wait for scouts or medics to try and grab it. Once you have your pipes set you have a regular grenade launcher for backup. AGAIN, this is not your modern warfare style grenade launcher. This sucker 'lobs' grenades at a very slow rate and has a very limited rage with it. This is another 'skill factor' added in, as you have not only aim ahead of the enemy, but also have to adjust angle. It is probably the hardest weapon in the game to use, but that't because his job isn't to fuck bitches up. His job is to survive and keep that pipe trap setup, and set another one up as fast as possible when you have to det the first one. What makes this class fun and skillful is the offenses ability to juke midair and conc jump to extreme speeds. It can be very hard to hit dets on time against a skilled scout.

Engineer [ 80 hp \ 50arm] - The engineer is low on health, only one step above the scout, but that is because he is not the primary damage dealer in this class, the Sentry gun you build is. The sentry gun usually goes up in the flag room and is primarily there to protect the demoman so he can det the scouts. It is a war machine on its own, and will take down most classes in a matter of seconds, but to make it not completely overpowered, it can only turn and track so fast. So scouts have the ability to circle around the SG and/or conc right past it, hence why it mainly protects the Demoman as the demoman has a better ability to stop super speedy air strafing, juking, concing scouts. Once the Sentry Gun is built you can upgrade it up to level 3. Level 1 is a medium fire rate assault cannon, Level 2 is a Fast fire rate assault cannon, and Level 3 is a double assault cannon that also shoots rockets. You upgrade the gun by collecting cells. Each player drops a bag of ammo and cells when they die. You can also manually drop bags to help your engy upgrade his gun by dropping your extra 'unused' ammo and cells, but when you die you still drop the rest of it. He is also armed with an EMP grenade, that is a high radius, high damage, fuck shit up grenade. The EMP wave penetrates through walls as well. Aside from the sg the engy has a wrench (to repair your sg by wacking the shit out of it as medics or spies try to take it down), a super shotgun, and a rail gun. Since you are low on health you have to try to hide behing your SG while repairing it as enemies try to take it down, and using it as a shield from frag grenades. The rail gun is where the skill factor for this class comes into play. You see, it is able to charge to maximize damage, and a fully charged rail shot is the most powerful weapon in the game, aside from grenades. The railguns bullets also will ricochet off of angles (up to like 3 or 4 times), giving the bullet an even higher damage boost and having the ability to one shot several classes and cause extreme damage to others. BUT this is not your Quake railgun, the sniping kind. It does have range but it is not an instant travel gun. While traveling about 4x the speed of a rocket or so, it still requires that calculation to aim so far ahead of the enemy and predict where they are going to be, not where they are. The ability to corner shoot using the ricochet or flat out spam makes this class pretty fun too. The demoman can also set a detpack, this is the highest damage highest radius explosive in the game. It will instagib anything and everything within about 50 feet or so. The demoman, however, can only set one per life, and can only set them in increments of 5, 10, 20, and 50 seconds.

Last, and my personal favorite, is the Heavy Weapons Guy [100 hp \ 300arm] - The heavy weapons guy is armed with an Assault Cannon (more so a Gatling gun or Chain gun), A super shotgun (That there isn't a point to use above the AC, really, lol), a slowfield grenade, frag grenades, and an overpressure ability.

Again, this isn't your COD:BO 'shred them the fuck apart instantly' chain gun. The skill in using this class is the fact that while it 'can' long range, it only does uber damage at close ranges (like 5-10 feet), so you have to be really good at keeping your cross hair on the enemy while firing, while not tunnel visioning only on them, still being aware of your surroundings, and cease fire once in a while to dodge oncoming nails if the enemy is a super nail gun wielding medic (which is the most efficient way to take down the HW guy). What makes tracking difficult is the sheer speed offensive classes can go, and the HW is the slowest class in the game and can only walk while firing the AC, barely at all. So keeping that ac firing at a scout that is concing past you at literally 80-200 miles per hour (guessing) and remaining accurate is where the difficulty and fun come in to play. The slowfield grenade does just that, creates a slow field, a sphere with about a 10 foot diameter that slows enemies and teammates down the closer they are to the center, but spitting them out at whatever momentum they had when they entered it. These are primarily used to help the demoman out during times of high assault, or if the HW knows he is about to go down, and wont be there to help protect the demoman, engineer, sentry gun, as well as one entrance to the flag room. He is kind of your support class, but also a tank with powerful close range weaponry, and the ability to still nick and damage enemies at long range, just not so much. At 20 feet away it would probably take 2 solid seconds of fire to kill a scout, and 3-4 to take down a medic, so you can see how important tracking accuracy is. Now, the HW also has something called overpressure, what this does is stops players momentum as long as they are within, say, 5 feet or so of you, whether it be horizontally or vertically. So when scouts are trying to conc past you, you can either try to jump your big fat ass in front of them for a block, or get close enough to overpressure them and generally once you do this, the enemy is completely fucked as they are close enough to take maximum damage from the AC. I am currently the #1 HW in the game. Not of all time, but the few that were better have since retired bumping me up to #1, and I swear so much time on this is what made me so headshot accurate in CS:S, that and just previous experience with 1.3 and beyond. Once you get used to tracking scouts flying over your head at 150 mph, headshotting someone moving at 5mph suddenly becomes quite easy.

They also have Snipers, and Pyromaniacs, but I'm pretty sure I've already made this post far too long, and seeing as to how they don't fit into the game and are actually not even allowed in competitive play, I will leave them out. Basically, the pyro is the class made for noobs to still get kills, as he has 2 different flame based weapons and napalm grenades. The flame weapons do good damage on contact, but also create a damage over time effect that stacks with each different weapon used. Once you get a 3x burn on someone, they are generally fucked no matter what unless they make it to the respawn within the next 4 seconds lol. Just made to attract new players (which this game severely needs) and give them a way to still get kills.

Snipers are basically just huge pussy fags, more so than snipers in any other games. See, every class in this game is based on close quarters combat, and when you have ONE class that can attack from any rage and one shot any class in the game, it is just a rage party upon faggotry waiting to happen. He does have to charge his shots for about 5 seconds to achieve maximum damage, so its not quite as gay as 'that guy' that runs to double doors in dust2 with an awp, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ROUND! A fully charged shot will 1 hit kill any player except the hw if shot in the body, and 1 shot kill the HW with a head shot. You can see why these 2 classes aren't allowed in competitive play.

Every class with frag grenades has the ability to grenade jump for extra height and distance, the soldier can rocket jump of course, and the demoman can pipe jump. You can also combo by doing a nade / rocket or a nade /pipe for really long distances. You can use multiple pipes for incredible distances at the cost of health. 4pipes max probably.

They also have entire maps that are conc maps where you have to use 1 to several concs to go through an obstacle course per say, air strafing around walls, double conc jumping, or flat out juggling 3-20 concs in order to reach extreme heights (like 2 miles in the air kind of heights lol). They have rocket jumping maps as well that give you god mod and quad damage in order for you to get through the course using nades and rockets, or even pipe bombs for the really good players. The trick is, you cant touch the ground during the jump, so since you actually fall faster than your rockets will travel, you have to time when will be the perfect time to shoot a rocket so that it hits the ground RIGHT BEFORE you do, propelling you back up for more height and/or distance while not having to get reset to the beginning of the jump for your feet actually touching the ground. LOTS of fun in this game mode!

I consider this game to probably be the most fun and skillful game ever made. Definitely my top favorite game, with CS in a close second.

Yes, it does have a pretty extreme learning curve (probably the steepest learning curve in gaming history [WAAAAYYY more than CS could even imagine having], but that's also what makes it so rewarding and fun.

So I urge you to PLEASE, at least give it a try, and contact me with any further questions or if you would like to learn more after trying it, I would be more than happy to teach you advanced movement techniques and class tidbits.

To those of you who actually took the time to at least read this whole post, Thank you very much.

To those of you who actually downloaded the mod and decided to at least try it. E-Blowjob coming up, thursday nights on the Trailer Park of Cake pickup server. 8pm EST sharp. Be there, or be square, bitches.


A few more videos to hopefully intrigue you enough into trying this mod.