Author Topic: Evidence for Ban Requests/Appeals and Complaints  (Read 1136 times)

Evidence for Ban Requests/Appeals and Complaints
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Evidence for Ban Requests/Appeals and Complaints
    Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Dyvid for authoring the majority of this content.

Demos are the best evidence.  This shows us everything you see.  If someone clearly breaks a rule, player or admin or player,  there is no refuting it.  We are trying to run a fun and fair community, however, we can not ban or discipline anyone without evidence.  Without evidence it becomes his/her word verse yours. A demo, if done right, can instantly prove your point and that you are right.

Recording a Demo

To do this go to the console* and type in the following command: record <demo name>.  Please try to make the name relevant to the action.  So if someone is mic spamming type: record spammer.  After you begin the demo, you will need to type "status" into the console to acquire a listing of their steam id.  Now you can continue playing or spectating your subject.

When you are done/feel you have enough evidence, you must type "stop" to end the demo and it will save, you will see a confirmation with the total fps and size.  If you exit CSS before stopping the demo, you will lose your demo.

Demos will continue to record after a mapchange, so do not worry if you get caught at one.  Simply wait until the new map and then stop the demo.

Since we will never know when we'll need a demo in a blink of an instant, it is a good idea to have a key pre-bound.  To do this enter the console and type "bind <key> record <name>" 

 eg. bind p record quickie 

Remember you can rewrite the demo if you are not careful, after you are done with "quickie" you must stop it, and then rename it.

The demos will be located (by default) C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\account name\counter-strike source\cstrike

Things to Record

Aimbot/Spinbot hackers can be very obvious to find.  You only need a minute or two.  Just enough to show the person is A) spinning or B) jumping from target to target with all headshots.  In case of B) headshots have a different sound effect, so if you get close to the victim, you will hear them.  This might prove effective in some seemingly spray and pray cases.

Wall Hackers
can be more difficult to record.  A longer demo may be needed and is encouraged, you may want to travel through the wall and visit their victim and listen for constant headshot sounds.

Spammers are obvious, you need to show that no one wants to hear them.  Some people play music for others or just talk a lot, but some just want to annoy you. It is recommended that you respectfully type out for them to be quiet or to carefully use the voice_loopback setting**.  Do not try to intimidate them.

Barricade Breakers need to be caught in the action.  When you record the demo, make sure to point your crosshair onto the person who is breaking your cade.  You will see their name pop up in the center of your screen, please make sure you keep with them long enough that whoever is watching the demo can clearly read their name.

*Note* If they throw a grenade at your cade, which is common, they say "Fire in the Hole" and the viewing admin can watch the timing of that message with the destructive nade.

When demoing please try to keep them short.  They will take up a lot of room very quickly.  Having multiple demos will have some benefits.  For instance if the rule break dies, you should end the demo and create a new demo at the start of the round.

*Note* You can overwrite and erase a previous demo if you use the same name.  This can be useful, if you feel your demo doesn't support your point well.

Uploading Your Demo

We ask you to first review your demos before submitting them.  You can do this by entering Counter Strike: Source, you can then open the console and type: playdemo <name>, this is nice if you can't recall the name, it will display some demo names.

Alternately you can press shift + F2 to open a small menu bar.  You will be able to load all your demos.  From this menu.

If your demo is rather large (not necessarily a bad thing) you may want to be considerate of the forums bandwidth and post it on another site. and are two sites that are free that will allow you to host your demos.***


* To enable the console, you must first go to options>keyboard>advance and check enable developer console. ~ will open and close it from the main menu screen and when in a game

Setting Voice_loopback will allow you to record your own voice (shortly after you begin speaking) by default it is set to "voice_loopback 0", when set to 1 you will hear yourself, you will want to set it back to 0 after the demo.

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