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All Admin Issues or Complaints THIS FORM HERE!
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Please use this form if you have any issues, a complaint or if you feel that something was just not right with an Admin on one of our Game Servers.

All Admin abuse complaints will be taken seriously by this community. One of the goals of this community is Admin integrity, and abuse will not be tolerated.

To state your issue create a new thread in this forum titled with the name of the admin.  Copy and paste the following form into your thread and fill out all fields possible.  Please state your issue calmly and respectfully and we will return the same courtesy.  If you do not have evidence you may make your request anyway but it will delay and diminish your appeal.  Evidence should be in the form of videos, demos, screenshots, and other witnesses.  If you witnessed an event already posted, reply to the thread and state what you saw and any evidence you have. 

If you need information on how to record a demo see HERE

- Issues and Complaint Form  -


Your Steam ID:

Your Name:

Admin in question:

Date this happened:

Time this happened:

Explain the issue that you had or why this person should reprimanded please include as many details as possible:

Any evidence or witnesses you may have:

Feel free to add anything else that may help (i.e. videos, screenshots, etc.) you should have proof beyond any doubt when accusing Admins in this community.

Edit: Add comments about valid evidence and demos - BOT
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